Party Name: Alana's Birthday

Host: Alana TilLim


Date: Sat., January 13th 6PM

LoCation:  Les Marchands

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.01.20 PM.png

Let's come gather for a fun night, but raise money for the good while we do it!

 Alana would like you to make a small donation to Mudslide Relief using our platform to accept this party INVITATION. This donation is in lieu of a gift for Alana.  She looks forward to celebrating and seeing you Saturday!  

 Let's rally to support the people hurt by this devastating mudslide–if we all give a little, it can add up to a lot. 

The typical donation on our platform to is just $5-$40, as our mission is to give often to causes that you care about.  (Your payment is considered a gift toward the cause, and therefore all donations under $100 are not tax-deductible.)