PARTY NAME: MeeT DEMOCRATIC Sheriff CandiDate, Eddie HsuEh!

Date: Thursday, May 10th,  5:30-7:00pm

Location: Santa Barbara University Club1332 Santa Barbara Street

Host:  Andrea Marcus

How:  Click the link below to make a donation of any amount towards Eddie's campaign to RSVP! (The suggested donation is $25.  Your donation is considered a gift and is therefore not tax-deductible. If you simply want to learn more about Eddie, feel free to attend without making a donation.)

Why: Having worked for children with mental health needs for two decades - I regularly see children and their families misunderstood and under-served by those who interact with them - sometimes to a very dangerous degree.  I also sympathize with law enforcement - they are our first responders every day, for families dealing with mental health crises.  And yet, until Eddie championed training efforts, most law enforcement in SB had little to no training in how to deescalate such situations safely.  I first encountered Eddie years ago, and have been thankful for his hard work and efforts to get training for officers serving our community, ever since.  

About Eddie:

Eddie is the only Democratic candidate running.  He is a voice of compassion regarding issues of immigrant rights, mental health and gun violence.  

Eddie testified in Sacramento this week in support of Senate Bill 1200- the Gun Violence Restraining order Bill, which (pursuant to judicial review) empowers Sheriffs, Police and Family members to have gun(s) removed from a person who is dangerous to themselves and/or society.

Eddie championed the development of the Sheriff’s Office’s Behavioral Science Unit and has worked tirelessly to create a change in the ways that law enforcement officers interact with people suffering from mental illness.

Eddie is committed to improving the relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and members of the community, expanding collaboration between deputies and mental health professionals to better serve individuals in crisis, reducing the incarceration of indigent non-violent offenders, preventing gun violence, and building trust with our local immigrant community. 

“No one can remember when a Democratic candidate last ran for sheriff,” said Gail Teton-Landis, Chair, Santa Barbara County Democratic Party. “We are excited to have an experienced law enforcement officer who shares our Democratic values and priorities. Lt. Eddie Hsueh is the only candidate who supports Senate Bill 54. He makes the connection between mental health services and law enforcement and supports more Crisis Intervention Training for the deputy sheriffs. Eddie recognizes the importance of building the relationship between law enforcement officers and residents in our many communities, which is why our organization is pleased to endorse him.”

I hope you'll come out to hear from him yourself.