We are thrilled that you are interested in hosting a Party for our People!  



Q & A

We are thrilled that you are interested in hosting a Party of our People!  

We have tried to provide you will sufficient details below, but if you still have questions email us directly– we are eager and willing to help!


What kind of party?

Any type of event that you can invite people to.

Whether you're having a casual cocktail party, dance party at your house, a birthday, wedding, event, or concert, as long as you are inviting people to get together and celebrate, make an impact with Party for our People.

The sky's is the limit. If you have an idea but you're not sure if it will work with Party for our People, shoot us an email and we will see what we can do. 


Where should I host my party?  

It’s up to you!  If you like to host parties at your home, go for it.  It can be a simple cocktail party or a dinner party depending on how many people you want to invite and how much money you are willing to spend. 

If you want to host the event at a bar or restaurant, just reach out to the manager to see if this is something that would work in their space.  Most venues will be excited that you want to bring a crowd to their location.  Parks and other venues could work, too.


If I do host the party at a bar, who picks up the bill?

It is fair to inform your guests when you send out the invite that they will be buying their own drinks.  It might be nice to purchase a few appetizers or something special for the group, but that is entirely up to you.  


Who should I invite to my party?  

Your close friends are a great place to start.  Then think about other community members who you think would be interested in supporting your cause.


How much money should I hope to raise?  

Party for our People wants this to be an accessible platform and social movement for everyone.  For that reason, we want hosts to set the minimum donation for each guest invitation when you register. This allows you to create either more casual parties where the guest can donate $5+ or more extravagant parties raising the minimum donation to $100+. We want to remind you that every dollar makes a difference, so think about who you are inviting and set your minimum donation accordingly.


What do people do at the party?  

The party should be simple, social, and positive.  It is a great opportunity to build a community of like-minded individuals, so there will probably be some talk about politics.  Other than that, it should be like any other party.  


If I plan to speak at the party, do you have any suggestions for what I should say?

  1. Sincerely thank people for coming to the party.

  2. Tell them how much money was raised and explain what charity it is being donated to.  If you want, you can add why you chose that particular charity.

  3. Encourage people to host their own parties and to post photos to social media to spread word about our platform.  Together, we can make a huge difference!


How does this platform work?

Party for our People collects the donations from guests and distributes the money directly to the charity after the event.  The host will be sent a confirmation from PFOP when the final donation has been made on our behalf.


Are there any fees for using this platform?

Yes, but over 90% of donations go directly to the charity you choose!  


Did we miss something?

Party for our people is always looking for ways to improve. If you think we missed an important question that we should answer on this page, let us know below. 

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